New York



B. Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering F2
E. Rochester Base Junkers CD3
F. Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering E3
F. Fort Bush Police E3
G. Planet Manhattan Police D34
G. Trenton Outpost Universal D34
H. Newark Station Interspace CD4
I. Detroit Munitions Ageira Technologies B4
J. Norfolk Shipyard Navy F5
J. Battleship Missouri Navy F5
L. West Point Military Academy Navy CD5
S. D7
T. Buffalo Base Liberty Rogues E7
V. D7


A. Colorado D2
K. Alaska G5
O. California B6
Q. Texas FG6
V. Magellan D7


D. Colorado C3
N. From EF7 (New York Jump Hole) FG6
U. New York (FG6) EF7
W. Texas E7


B. Planet Pittsburgh see bases F2 C. Maine Uninhabited F23 G. Planet Manhattan see bases CD34


M. Aggressor Bounty Hunter ship D6 P. Liberty Navy Patrol 27 E6 R. Flint Rogue Fighter Cardamine? C67

Last updated: 24 November 2014. Produced by Roger Bovill as Xml/Xsl Exercise
The Xml files used are:Bases.xml, Commodities.Xml, FMaps.xml, Prices.xml
The Xsl files used are:ASystemMap.xsl, BasePrices.xsl, Main.xsl
System images taken from here